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Earlier this month we had the pleasure of sitting down at Viking Alchemist with journalist Alex Patton for an interview about mead, how we got started and where we're heading.

Woodstock resident and homebrewer Randall Dolan also discovered his passion for mead by accident, while stationed in Belgium with the Marine Corps.

“That pretty much set the wheels going because it was like, man this stuff is really good but it’s so hard to find,” Dolan said. “I decided to see if I could try my hand at it, and it came out well. I got a lot good feedback and that was encouraging, so that’s what’s kept me going.”

Dolan’s passion for homebrewing spread by word of mouth and support from the brewing Atlanta community. He attended craft beer trade meetings, where he would often trade his mead or give it away for feedback. Dolan dubbed his home-brewed mead project Leprechauno Meadery, after his Irish-Mexican heritage, and began planning for commercial production.

“The Atlanta beer community is a lot of good people,” Dolan said. “If I ever have any questions, they are usually more than willing to help out however they can. Craftsmen in the industry have a competitive spirit but collaborative nature.”

Leprechauno Meadery is still in the early stages of funding and production, but Dolan is hoping to open a commercial brewery some time in 2019. He will have a sampling event this summer for email subscribers to give him feedback and let him know if it’s something that would interest them.

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