Meadery Coming Soon to Kennesaw, GA

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Kennesaw is about to get its first meadery.

Also known as honey wine, mead is one of the world’s oldest fermented beverages. In its simplest form, mead is made with just honey, water and yeast. Fruit, spices or hops can be added to create more complex flavors.

Mead is often associated with viking lore and renaissance festivals, but Randall and Haley Dolan of Leprechauno Meadery are looking to change that. They believe in making modern mead that pushes beyond the boundaries of tradition.

With a new meadery opening every three days in the U.S., mead has become one of the rising stars of the craft scene seeking a place among beer, wine and spirits.

Randall started homebrewing in 2015 with a simple vanilla mead. After the first sip, Haley saw the potential. “There isn’t anything like Randall’s mead out there. It’s like a liquid dessert,” said Haley.

Randall has homebrewed about 40 different recipes, each one living up to their motto: Unconventional. Imaginative. Artistic.

The name Leprechauno is a Spanglish word to describe Randall’s Irish and Mexican heritage. “I heard a stand-up comic call herself a Leprechauno and that word really hit home,” said Randall. The concept of fusing dual identities perfectly translates to what the Dolans do with their mead. By taking this traditional practice of meadmaking and uniting it with modern cultures, the Dolans are creating something fresh and new.

For its initial launch, Leprechauno Meadery will be manufacturing mead from within Dry County Brewing. “We were so grateful when Trey [co-founder and president of Dry County] offered us the opportunity,” said Randall. “Being able to learn from these experienced brewers and business owners is truly invaluable.”

Where does the honey come from? All Leprechauno meads will start with local Georgia honey from Sanders Honey Company of Bickley, Georgia. “Beekeepers have one of the most important roles in our ecosystem, because pollination is so crucial to our food supply. We feel really lucky that our small business helps sustain and foster bee populations in Georgia,” said Haley.

Leprechauno is slated to be in full production starting in early June, with product available before the end of the summer. Further information about tastings and bottle sales will be announced by Leprechauno in upcoming months. To learn more, visit to subscribe to emails or follow them on social media.

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