Leprechauno x Dry County

Three years ago, we made our first batch of mead. It was a simple recipe of water, honey, yeast and vanilla, but something about it felt big. Silky, marshmallowy, sweet... that vanilla mead was enough to catapult us on this exciting journey. Whether through word of mouth, instagram or our website, we're glad you've joined us for this wild ride. After months of planning, we're excited to officially announce that we will begin commercial production of our mead in partnership with Dry County Brewing. A leader in their community, Dry County is a shining example of what a craft beverage company should be. Located in Kennesaw, GA near KSU, they lead a group of volunteers to collect and recycle cans from football game tailgates. They also donate portions of their sales to important causes like hurricane relief and breast cancer awareness. Most notably, they have partnered with Lift to offer 50% off rides home from the brewery. Honestly, we couldn't ask for a better partner than Dry County Brewing. Not only are they amazing people, but Dry County brews pretty stellar beers of all styles. Each time we visit, there's something new and exciting on tap in addition to our regular favorites. (Looking at you, Old 41 oatmeal stout.) Last month, we had the pleasure of collaborating on a tasty braggot (beer+mead) for Dry County's 2nd Anniversary Party. We found our styles complement each other well and are sure our partnership will lead to many more exciting collabs. We started Leprechauno as a hobby, and to see how far we've come is truly amazing. Thanks for your continued support and we will keep you in the loop as things progress. Cheers, Randall & Haley

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