Q&A with Haley

Q: WE WANT MEADS! When are you going legit?

A: If we could snap our fingers and become a meadery, we wouldn't have any fingers left. The truth is that Randall and I are getting married in a month, so the meadery's growth has slowed slightly as wedding plans ramp up. We plan to be back on track to legitness in November.

Here's how you join our journey:

1. Subscribe to our email list. If you wanna be the first to know, our email subscribers get the details before we share on social media or the website (including flavor contests, monthly updates and future membership information).

2. Purchase some merch. Money is a speed bump for any business, so we've come up with some sick merch to help us buy the tools we need to get up and running. Click here to see what we've got.

Thanks again for your support; we really appreciate you all.

Haley is the creative juice for all things non-mead at Leprechauno. Director of design and marketing, she is passionate about creating the labels, website, social media, photography and merchandising. Her favorite mead is Leprechauno's Laird's Apple Brandy Squite Squite Vanilla which needs to be a regular thing.

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