Our meads range from semi-sweet to sweet and feature fun, inventive flavors.


We hope you're feeling Lucky! Enjoy our mead made with local Georgia honey and Tahitian vanilla for a smooth, sweet dessert mead. Explore →

Foo Punch

Like the name, this mead is packed with mango, passionfruit, guava and pineapple. It's a juice-lovers dream. Explore →

Que Sabrosa

Translating to "How Tasty!," Que Sabrosa brings together rich mocha coffee and fresh cherries for a chocolate-covered cherries taste. Explore →

Asleep in the Deep

Y'all have been asking for berries... so we made one loaded with our favorites– raspberries, blackberries, black currants and vanilla!  Explore →

Pearl Jamwich

Made with Concord grape juice and peanuts, Pearl Jamwich encapsulates the nostalgia of a PB&J. Explore →