Barrel-aged Mead with Tahitian Vanilla, Maple Syrup and Cold Brew Coffee

Aged for 4 months in Bourbon Barrels

11% ABV

Richard Patrick of Filter described his 2002 release of the album Amalgamut as "a melting pot with an immense amount of diversity." He was referring to America and how that despite our cultural backgrounds we are all ultimately a melting pot of ethnicities. Mielmigos release #1 "Amalgamut" earned its name from inception.


Georgia tallow and wildflower honey along with some Texas/Mexican mesquite honey was blended into a 4 roses select barrel and fermented with Tahitian vanilla caviar, cold brew coffee and maple syrup. Upon transferring into a secondary fermentation vessel, another dose of vanilla caviar, cold brew coffee and maple syrup was administered.


Our end result is a light-bodied, medium-sweet mead with each flavor detectable on the tongue but none overpowering. Some bourbon and alcohol warmth in the chest upon swallowing with a lingering coffee, honey and maple trifecta on the palate that beckons for another sip.