Leprechauno Meadery is a startup meadery owned and operated by Randall and Haley Dolan. Starting in 2015 we homebrewed from the warmth of their friends' kitchens and the depths of our garage, honing their skills and fine-tuning recipes. In 2019, Leprechauno's first commercial meads hit the shelves of Georgia bottle shops and restaurants across the state to a very warm reception. We hosted Mead Mondays at Dry Country Brewing Co., where we contract brewed for about a year and a half.

Sadly at the end of 2020, Randall and Haley made the decision to cease operations. It wasn't an easy decision, but COVID-19 put us in a place where we didn't feel ready to open our own location. We may reopen at a different time in a different place, but for now it's goodbye. Thank you for all the support! We had a blast.

The Team

The Team



Co-founder and Mead Creator

Leading the charge with research, development, production and bottling, Randall goes above and beyond to invent some truly original meads that will rock your taste buds. With years of meadmaking under his belt, he's a pro at balancing technique with innovation.


Co-founder and Marketing Director

She's the creative juice behind the visuals for Leprechauno. She speaks label design plus manages the website, marketing, social media, email updates, photography and merch. 10/10 would recommend her for taste-testing.

Our Values

Our Values

Embrace Innovation

Find ways to break from routine and continually improve.

Raise the Bar

Always find ways to step up your game.

Live Local

Support farmers and Georgia businesses.

Be Humble

Have the courage to admit when you’re wrong and accept the wins gracefully.

Think Creatively

Look outside of convention and find unique ways to solve problems.